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Anatomy of An Illness

For many people, substance dependency starts as a casual experience, but quickly the amount and frequency of use increases, spiraling out of control. The more drugs consumed, the tougher it becomes to go without the drug. What may have begun as a choice has turned into a disease. The addict’s body and mind have changed so that the addict can’t function properly without the drug. The addict doesn’t dare try to quit because of the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. It’s a vicious circle. There doesn’t seem to be any escape for drug addicts. But that’s not the case.

There is a way out of drug addiction for any addict who can see the need for help. Rehabilitation (or rehab) facilities address the physical or psychological dependence that develops in response to drug addiction. They can provide the individual attention that is necessary for an addict to get the help they need. They are staffed by people who understand the nature of addiction. They have medical facilities at their disposal to help addicts begin new lives. These are the people who have the skills to help drug addicts learn how to overcome their addictions.

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